Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tim Patterson

Tim Patterson started in California, but drifted into Arizona for the Phoenix indies in 1988, where he engage din some wild matches with Louie Spicolli and Billy Anderson. His feud with Anderson was particularly bloody and ended when Anderson defeated him in a savage chain match in Phoenix.

The WWF matches done for televised tapings that took place in Phoenix around the same time span that Patterson appeared on did not go so well, as he ended up continually on the losing end in the fed.

On the Indy scene, however, his run was short yet spectacular. The Arizona fans hated him with an absolute passion.

Back in California, Patterson remained a mainstay for several years among the varied groups. He also donned a mask and becme one of Los Mercenarios, touring both the southwestern USA and Mexico in the main events.

He also amde quite a side career doing standup comedy in clubs.

He is retired and presently lives in Florida.

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