Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zombie Palacio

Since Gory Guerrero was big in Arizona (in fact he was not born in Mexico as many believe, but int he small mining town of Ray, Arizona)m he would take many Arizona wretslers to the El Paso/Juarez area where he later promoted. He would also send his crew to Phoenix at various intervals, making an exchange program of benefit to all.

Zombie Palacio was one of the students Gory Guerrero trained and was pushed heavily in the Mexican border towns.

He wore a monster mask and sometimes wrapped himself in mummy tape rather than wrestlign gear, but no matter what uniform he chose to wear, he was always uncanny in appearance.

"I swear the morons in the crowd thoguht he was a real monster," Mike Gordon used to laugh when reflecting on this grappler's style and routine. :He would come out of the locker room and you knwo how you would have people hanging around taking hpotos or wanting autographs? Well, propel would get one look at him and run. like "Oh shit, here he comes." He would eat thsi up and sometimes chase after them. It was hilarious."

Palacio made only a handful of Arizona appearances in his career. In the 1980s, Super Argo had spoken of bringing him in, but ran out of funds and closed down his shows which were being held at St. Mary's Gym in Phoenix, before the monster man could make a showing.

"I think he could have cared less about Texas, New Mexico and Arizona," commented  one Indy wrestler, Red Star,  "He was so big in Mexico and especially Juarez that he really did not need to travel outward or fo through the hassle of getting work permits in America. The funny thing is now no modern fans remember him, but in his prime hew as such a big ward and I mean BIG."

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