Monday, November 14, 2011

Graham Central Station

Incredibly for a promotion with no television, the UWF of Bill Johnson and Mike Esparza drew audiences of 1,000 to 2,000 in Phoenix at Graham Central Station during their run.

Aside from a host of local wrestlers such as Mike Contreras, Special Forces, The Sicilian Slammer, Miss Vicious, Irish Mist, Black Mamba and John Ringer, several wrestlers were brought in from both Mexico and California for the cards.

Billy Anderson, Louie Spicolli and some others were among the Californians, while Mando & Eddie Guerrero were booked from Juarez.

Sergeant Shultz remained the key villain and brought in his "brothers" for a number of wild tag team matches. The Neo-Nazis remained one of the most hated tag teams in the history of Arizona wrestling, surpassed perhaps only by the Lumberjacks and Chris Colt/Ron Dupree.

Billy Anderson had an exceptionally bloody chain match in Phoenix which saw both men covered with blood.

Others who appeared at this venue included myself as manager, plus a host of other wrestlers.

The Pale Riders, Danny Medina, Russian bear, Mike Contreras, Two-Hyped, The Ripper, Bill Luegar, Colonel Natasha, Bayou Blossom and Sicilian Slammer were a few of them.

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