Sunday, November 13, 2011


Kamala-The Ugandan Giant, was  bot really from Uganda, as was and is often the case in wrestling,  with people taking colorful identifications and nationalities. He is in fact one James Harris.

In the 1980s, Kamala toured the United States and as part of the circuit was seen live in Arizona varied times, as well as on the downpour of television tapes.

Posing as a cannibal with war paint and looking like something right out of Trader Horn, he stunned fans both in appearance and with his agility for such a tall and obese grappler..

Arizona wrestler CC Starr was one of the locals who experienced Kamala's leap off the top rope when he did TV taping matches in Phoenix for the WWF.

Perhaps one of his greatest feuds would be with The Undertaker in the WWF.  On a lesser scale, when he first started doing the Kamala routine, he had a wild and bloody feud with Jerry Lawler for the Memphis  office.

In his day he was amazing, but all things come to an end. He retired form active wrestling but continued to make the conventions and autograph signing events  .

Sadly, his blood pressure and diabetic condition raged out of control to the point where in 2011, he had to have a foot surgically removed.

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