Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Corona Family

The Corona family out of Phoenix owned the old Palace Theater, as well as a dance hall and a rodeo ring. They were betetr known for running concert sand bloodless bullfights with bullfighters from Mexico, facing real fighting  bulls that were not killed. They did, however, make varied ventures into wrestling at their venues.Their success was not always great and their overhead often kileld them when it came to bringing in Mexican stars rather  than just using Arizona people..

Various wrestlers who appeared for them at their dance hall, rodeo ring or theater include Centella Negra, Rip Tyler, Eddie Sullivan, the Lumberjacks, Tony Hernandez, Jack Kessig, Freddie Gomez, Los Toros Bravos, Cerberus, Fishman, Super Argo, Chanoc, Eddie Lopez, Atlantis, Burton Barf, Indio Seri, Indio Salvaje, Zombie Palacio, Lizmark, Carlos El Malo, Samurai Kung Chang, Nano Ortega, Tom Ramirez, Super Aero, Tamba    and El Nazi.

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