Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sergeant Shultz

A vile and muscular Neo Nazi, Sergeant Schultz first emerged in the Arizona rings in the late 1990s, mauling and brawling his way to the top. While he never held a title in Arizona, he was the first to claim he didn't need one.

"I don't want to be God damned champion," he claimed in all too fluid English in one 1990 interview.

In singles matches he stormed over just about everyone in his path, Billy Anderson, Louie Spicolli, Thrillseeker Terry Zeller, The Ranger, The Mercenary, lance Ferraro, The Black Mamba, The Ripper, El Principal, Flyboy , Amadeus, Silver Shadow, Eli Hernandez, Danny Medina, CC Starr  and  Mike Contreras were some of those he faced.

One of the gigantic villain;s most devastating moves was a wicked flyign elbow smash that he named "The Medina" after taking out Danny Medina with a series of them in a Phoenix bout that required the Hispanic wrestler to be helped from the ring with cracked ribs.

Shultz also squared off with Eddie Guerrero in a tag match and Mil Mascaras in a singles matches in Phoenix, with slightly less successful results.  One cannot win them all, you have to suppose, but he came close.

As if trouble needed a double, let alone a triple, a Sergeant Schultz 2 and 3, "brothers" to the original, also emerged on the scene.

Shultz also became a big draw,  particularly in the Juarez area of Mexico under the name of Commando Nazi.

In Juarez, his manhandling of varied opponents caused more than one rift, with fans throwing chairs and other debris into the ring.

Shultz eventually retired from the ring to enjoy cigars, motorcycles, Coors beer  and a someone less riotous  life.

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  1. I sure would love to know his real name, to put them in my book of masked wrestlers. Any help out there ?