Friday, November 18, 2011

The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba first emerged on the Arizona scene in 1986 when promoter Barry Bernsten made a failed attempt to revive his old promotion. Within a year, however, he had improved so much he was main eventing for  a different promotion operating out of the same area and continued to work for a number of years for others which came along.

Aside from wrestling, he remains to this day a talented singer and gourmet cook.

Though usually hated by the fans, Mamba was sometimes cheered when fighting other rule breakers such as The Lumberjacks, The Beast and Sergeant Shultz.

Others he faced over the years included Bull Zambrano, The Ripper, JT Law, Louie Spicolli, Steve Gatorwolf, David Rose, John Ringer and more.

Of all the people Mamba feuded with in Arizona, his longest and greatest feud would have been with Thrillseeker Terry Zeller. The two met in just about every type of match known to man, when to the surprise of all, they stopped fighting each other in the middle of a Texas Death Match, deciding it was more logical to team up than feud. So they formed a tag team, won a version of the Western States Tag Team title, but dissolved it and ended up fighting each other again.

Though more often than not active as a wrestler, he became a manager of sorts at the same time, via the formation of his Mamba Inc, where he assembled a whole throng of villains to help him in his evil ways.

Mamba also made it to Mexico for varied matches. He was seen in San Luis Rio Colorado, Nogales, Hermosillo and other places.

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  1. He was my manager in 2002 when i Started as The Zimbabwe Kid