Saturday, November 12, 2011

Colorado Kid

Eli Corella was as capable a wrestler as anyone. Short and stocky, he was trained by David Rose and arrived on the Arizona scene in the late 1970s. He continued to wrestle until 1985.

Originally, he was an "Indian" as JR Youngblood, but this was later changed to match his  Hispanic heritage as The Colorado Kid.

The grappler usually was seen on the undercard, but had his share of wins, usually with an airplane spin to help him gain a victory.

I recall wrestling him once and losing to him with that airplane spin of his alright. I am just not sure of the date. I think in 1980. A win over me would be no big deal to brag on as  always considered myself a far better manager than a wrestler.

Other people he faced and I am not sure what the won or loss record would be include Maniac Mike Gordon, The Lumberjacks, John Ringer, Ringo Rodriguez, Mr. X and The Golden Eagle.

One of the bloodiest matches he ever engaged in was one on one with Lumberjack #1 in Phoenix, where he was turned into a bloody mess for the first time ever. Seeing him bloodied pushed the crowd to a riot pitch  and several fans were thrown out for trying to rush the ring as just when The Colorado Kid started his comeback, Lumberjack #2 interfered.

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