Monday, November 28, 2011

Miss Champagne

Miss Champagne was one of those hyped up people who came and went as far as Arizona wrestling is concerned, but what do you expect from a waitress promoter bill Johnson thought would make a good wrestler and propositioned to train. She was a tall blond with some looks, but nothing to set the world on fire. She also had a drinking problem.

Champagne had one memorable bout with Josie Navarro at the old soccer stadium in the Maryvale Mall in Phoenix, circa 1986. Navarro won and carried her most of the way.

So far, so good...

Then came the infamous tour in the northern part of Arizona that Bill Johnson booked. A case of beer was in  the locker room shower area for the wrestlers after their matches. Champagne got into it and drank it all befiore the show. Thus she entered the ring entirely trashed. Draw your own conclusions.

Fortunately for her, she was wrestling another rapidly-trained and inexperienced girl. Had she been in the ring with a seasoned veteran any of a number of vets would have killed her.

After that  she faded from view.

No big loss.

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