Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toolie's Nightclub

Where they were not running at Graham, Central Station, Mike Esparza and Bill Johnson were busy running at Toolie's Night Club in Phoenix on McDowell Road.

Louie Spicolli had many of his early matches here and came into his own facing the likes of Sergeant Schultz, Krusher Krugnov and Eruption.

Others seen for this promotion included The Beast, Miss Vicious, The Black Mamba, Dr Skin, Thrillseeker Terry Zeller, Justuin Powers, The Lumberjacks, Tom Ramirez, The Grim Reaper, Crazy Horse,  Steve Dezire, CC Starr, The Ranger, Renegado, Orcida, Orca, Silver Fox, Flama Negra, Tim Tall Tree, Stephen De Leon and more.

Many of these matches, complete with commentary, were taped and still circulate among fans.

Of the varied wrestlers, Spicolli and De Leon would meet tragic ends. Spicolli would die from a bad mixture of pills and alcohol, while De Leon would be killed in a motorcycle crash.

Among some of the most memorable incidents were those provided by arch villain Steve Dezire,  especially when he came into the ring and insulted The lack mamba into a match, by wearing a hubcap over his neck and insisting mamba would be on his way to steal it, being he could not resist temptation and all. He then produced a black baby doll, squeezed it and insisted it was saying "Mamba. Mamba."

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