Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Cometa was a small man as far as wretslers went in the USA, though big enough for the lucha libre across the border from Arizona, where he practiced his trade. For all practical purposes, he was the typical luchador with the mask, fast moves and muscled, but thin frame.

The perky little grappler was a bigger draw within northern Mexico in the 1970s and 1980s, making appearances  within Sonora, Chihuahua and Baja California. Ge was occasionally seen in Arizona when varied lucha libre promotions ran, but was never in for long, due to immigration status.

:What a lot of guys back then would do, at least as far as I was told in locker room talk form some of the veterans who worked that area in territorial days, was this,": commented Ohio-based wrestler and manager Richard Friar. :They would get permits to cross the border as a tourist or visitor and wear their gear under their clothes or at least wear their boots when driving across the border station or walking across where someone in America would be waiting for them. When asked their purpose for their visit they would come up with some crap like "Oh, I'm gonna visit my grandmother in Tucson" or :I'm going shopping for three days in Texas" and that was it. They just wouldn't bother with the more lengthy process of getting work permits and since many promotions back then paid in cash under the table, it was no big deal to do it this way. They didn't stay as illegal aliens, but took the money and ran.  This would have been before the September 11th attacks and all the more stringent border security u that followed. It was a different and easier ball game back then.

Cometa reportedly came from Benjamin Hill, a small town between Nogales and Sonora and was trained by the late Pedro Gonzalez and his crew.Ge was sometimes the victim fo jokes abotu his home town by other wrestlers, because it was so much smaller than the major cities on the Mexican circuits.

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