Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dick Dunn

Dick Dunn would mainly be known as a wrestler in the southern states such as Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida, but he did show up in Arizona in the early 1960s, perhaps looking for a change in pace, where he tried out the dry climate.

A heavy set bruiser of a man, Dunn would have had the making of a great heel for the Phoenix/Tucson/Yuma circuit, but was booked instead as a scientific fan favorite.

From the onset, Dunn was paired to feud with Hans Steiner and together they had some wild matches.

Dunn also teamed with Tito Montez for a short spell, but was more effective in signals competition.

Others he squared off with included Sir Percival Pringle (Not to be confused with Bill Moody/Percy Pringle /Paul Bearer), Ed Sharpe and Ken Lucas.

Rumor has it he even considered moving into Phoenix for a time, but this idea was nixed and he returned southward. He did make it back from time to time, but only at brief intervals.

At one point, he was instrumental in bringing Len Rossi, a major star in the Kentucky/Tennessee area, but then a complete unknown out west, into the Pheonix wrestling circuit.

Like Dunn, Rossi would prove an instant hit with Arizona fans, but would not stay, preferring the Nashville area instead.

Back in his southern home grounds, Dunn wad extremely successful. While working in law enforcement by day, he wrestled by night, holding the Gulf Coast  championship and Southern States tag team title  multiple times.

Dunn died in June of 1995.

His real name was Richard Demenbreun

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