Monday, June 4, 2012

Suzie Starr

Suzie Starr had only a short career. Originally pushed when the AIWA out of California had a brief Arizona run, she was designed as a tough blond who would wrestle men.

For whatever reason, she did not last long.

Coming out of Parker, Arizona, she had a handful of matches in the smaller towns, which reached a head in a 1997 main event match with her facing male counterpart, Cowboy Mark Kissell.

In this match, she pinned Kissell and looked to be moving upward, but then she just dropped out of sight.

With the passing of time her name has become so obscure it is an impossibility to find photos of her, though in the late 1990s some of her matches, specifically the one with Kissell, were in fact circulating among tape traders.

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