Friday, June 8, 2012

Joe Costello

Joe Costello came into Arizona from Salina, Kansas in 1960 and though he was relative unknown, proved to be extremely popular with the fans. Prior to his arrival, he had been active in Topeka and other towns on the Midwestern circuit.

Though he was usually active as a single in the Yuma, Casa Grande, Tucson area, he also teamed on occasional cards with Indio Bravo.

During his southwestern stint, he likewise found bookings in California, New Mexico and across the border in Mexico itself.

Some opponents he faced included Don Arnold, Enrique Mendoza and Farmer Cox, though his main rival, with whom he had a short feud was one Tarzan Tourvelle, who later became notorious as Tarzan Tyler.

Costello evidently died at the height of his rising success, though I cannot find a cause for his demise. He passed away on October 30, 1961, evidently  at the age of 30.

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  1. Update. Added info has him dying in a bar fight back in Tennessee after leaving Arizona. He was shot and killed.