Friday, June 8, 2012

Juan Sebastian

I heard tell Juan Sebastian was married to female wrestler, Belle Starr, but do not know much more about that one. I do know, however, eh was quiet impressive for a smaller guy and used a wicked knee lift on his opponents.

The first time this man really started to gain ground was in the late 1950s, where he received a reasonable push in Ohio. In 1958 he and one Cyclone Hess held the regional tag team title together for a short spell.

Also in 1958, he held a version of the Michigan championship in that state by defeating Dick Garza, who would later become more famous as The Mighty Igor.

Possibly to get away from the hard Midwestern winters, Juan Sebastian drifted into Arizona both before and after his Ohio run, where he again found moderate success. Though cheered in an obligatory set of matches with Don Arnold, he was booed as a ruklebreaker against the likes of Alberto Torres and Jesse James

He also had some stints in the Toronto area, including some hectic matches there with Sam Steamboat and bookings throughout the south..

Though never a star of international fame, he remained a capable journeyman throughout his career, who was welcomed in several territories.

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