Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tito Copa

Tito Copa was an ugly little guy built like a troll. He had a shaved head and more body hair than an ape. Gad he been round in thsi day and age he would have been considered far too short to make the grade and laughed out of the arena, but in the 1950s and 1960s he was a top draw.

His forbearance was obvious to all who saw him in action.

His appearance alone was what made him rather than breaking him. He looked and acted like a psychotic leprechaun which had him jeered right off the bat. Though he could be considered a comedic wrestler under some circumstances, he was more often than not a rough and mauling heel. Though small, he was extremely powerful and had no trouble making the fans believe this.

Copa had long stints in Arizona where he was usually booed by the fans, but he did have at least a few brief moments in the sun as a hero.

One such example came in the Mid-01960s when the infamous Sheik was traveling from California to Texas and stopped in Arizona to take two bookings for easy money. He accepted contracts in Tucson and Casa Grande,m facing Tito Montez and Tito Copa.

The Sheik's reputation preceded him and when pitted against Copa, the little bald heel became an instant fan favorite. Their match was a bloodbath and though the crafty Arab came out on top, he was given a dose of his own medicine by the stocky bald man.  The two fought in the ring, up the aisles and at one point even under the ring,

The Sheik encounter was not the only time Copa heard cheers. Earlier in his career, he received applause when facing Don Arnold in a brutal feud and during a brief spell teaming with Tito Montez. 

It was as a villain, however, that he truly excelled. He was the Mighty Mite of pro wrestling. Among other bloody Arizona feuds was a set of brawls with the ever-popular Pancho Pico. In these, there wad no doubt Copa was the heel.

On occasion Copa was also billed as Tito Kopa.

Tito Copa died from a heart attack in July of 2004...

His real name was Jacobo Secherizberg 

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