Sunday, June 17, 2012


Morenci was a big mining boom town, It is not as buzzing as it once was. Likewise, no one seems to hold  wrestling here any more.

From the 1940s to the 1960s Morenci was a stop off for varied offices, but never a part of a regular circuit. The town was used  for a spot show a few times per year.

Even that doesn't happen any longer, as indications show the last time Morenci housed wrestling was a card   in the late 1990s by Steve Gator Wolf. He drew a very large crowd with Mike Knox as a key draw.

People seen in the past there included Charro Azteca, Kenny Mayne,  Don Arnold, Rick Waldo, Tito Montez,  Carlos El Malo, Phil Sapien, George Drake, The Gorky Brothers, Golden Hawk, Wally Steele, Sugi Yamamoto, Kung Chang, Maniac Mike Gordon, Rudy Lopez, Toro Bravo 1 &2, Eddie Lopez, Chief  Big Heart, Jerry Graham, Charlie Carr,  Cerberus, Dick Trout, Rudy Navarro and Dr. X.  

Now, nothing....

Maybe some Indy promoter will take note.

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