Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rip Hawk

Rip Hawk, like Dick Dunn Len Rossi, Rip Tyler and others who drifted into Arizona, was recognized especially as a southern wrestler. He is remembered in the archives for his longstanding tag team with the late Swede Hanson and for his work as a heel with dyed blond hair.

Early in his career, he spent some time in Arizona, while working for Rod Fenton out of Tucson, as well as other area promtoers. In these matches, he was on the undercard and still quite green, but picked up a load of tips that clearly helped him down the road.

One of his defining moments came in Yuma in October of 1957, when he held Bob Geigel to a draw.

When Hawk returned to the Carolinas fresh off his trip into the Will West, there was a notable difference. He was a far more confident heel and much better at working up a crowd.  His eventual pairing with Swede Hanson would secure his place forever in the history books,

The Hawk &  Swede connection would tag their way through many bloody brawls with Sam Steamboat & Mr.. Wrestling, The Anderson Brothers, Johnny Weaver & George Becker and Brute Bernard & Skull  Murphy  in particular,

As with many in his profession, he went from a nervous guy in the openers to one of the sport;s greatest performers.

Hawk conditioned to wrestle into the late 1970s, even after a heart attack momentarily sidelined him. More incredibly, in his final days of activity, he converted to the role of fan favorite.

While Swede Hanson passed away a while ago, Rip Hawk is still alive and doing as well as a man born as one Harvey Evers in 1921 might be expected.

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