Thursday, April 7, 2016

Book Review: Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls

Wrestlers Are Like Seagulls has been in print for several years and may still be ordered from Crowbar Press out of Tennessee. In this, well-known manager and wrestler J.J. Dillon tells his story for anyone who will listen, in his customary way, full of opinions which make the book captivating.

Older fans would know this, but younger fans would not. Dillon was a decent wrestler and not just a manager, with many matches to his credit. He also worked briefly at the start of his career as a referee.

The book offers a complete and informative look at Dillon's career, as well as a focus upon the politics behind the scenes fans seldom see, but only hear gossiped about in the wrestling world.

Dillon is as wisecracking in print as he was on the mike during his prime. His opinions are of course going to be a bit one sided, but that is part of the charm that shows though in this piece. Fans of Dillon would expect no less from him.  

The book is recommended.

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