Thursday, April 7, 2016

Don't Drop The Ball, ROH

Hopefully, with Christopher Daniels now in ROH promotions, they will not drop the ball as every other promotion has done and fail to use this wrestler to his true potential.

Daniels first drifted into the California/Arizona area in 1996 from his Chicago home base. He found several bookings in the AIWA headed by Ed Ahrens.

In the early days, he was a popular baby face. "He wasn't bald back then," commented area manager, The Time Traveler, who shared AIWA cards with him. "He had real long hair like Jesus."

When he started branching out from the southwest, Daniels became The fallen Angel and was fairly often seen in the role of heel. It was in this  function that he was seen in TNA, but never, as many critics agree, fully used to his top potential.

The general opinion is in the "big time" Daniels has never been capitalized upon or booked properly, where he could live up to his capability as a baby or his potential as a serious heel.

With luck, ROH will get it right.

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