Monday, April 18, 2016


Indian routines have always been big in Arizona. Chief Big Heart, White eagle, Crazy Horse, Indio Seri,  Indio Salvaje, Golden Hawk, Navajo Warrior, Tatanka, Jay Strongbow, Attakullakulla, Apache Gringo....the list goes on and on.

Look for the coming of a medicine man type of  rainmaker form out of California in the summer of 2016.

He is aptly named Rainmaker, but little else is known right now.

The propaganda has begun on the net and with varied independent groups already, though no photos have circulated as of yet and he is being kept as somewhat of a mystery.  He is also supposed to see some bookings in Washington and Oregon in late spring.

It will be curious what happens with this mystery worker as time moves on. He is evidently a fan favorite who will face some local bad guys, but nothing else has been revealed.  In Washington, however, he is expected to be heel and thrown in with veteran manager, The Time Traveler, who knows as well as anyone how to use the hype machine.

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