Friday, April 29, 2016

The Spartan

In the  1970s, The Spartan worked the southwestern USA, sometimes as baby and sometimes as heel, but usually hearing cheers from the crowd. he received a modest push in Amarillo, both on house shows and television, which helped him gain bookings in other areas as well.

Dressed in black, with a black mask, he claimed he took the name of The Spartan because of the intense training he put himself through maybe so, as he was in shape.

His identity remains a blank to this blogger, though an expert on the Amarillo office might be able to pinpoint who was under the hood.

The Spartan's biggest feuds were with Moose Murkowski and Butcher Brower, where he was cheered for giving the villains a dose of their own medicine.

He used a routine body slam as  finishing move, but keep in mind this was in an era where moves now used for spots were ending endeavors.

Though Texas remained his home base, he was seen occasionally in Arizona and New Mexico as well. Already recognized form the Amarillo tapes that were being aired in these places on tv as well, he was able to draw a reasonable amount of interest with the fans.

The Spartan wa usually a mid card attraction, but always put out his best effort.

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