Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Time Traveler Beats Prostate Cancer

The Time Traveler (Dale Pierce) has announced a victory over prostate cancer and a tentative return to action as a manager in May. The seemingly ageless wonder is still going strong at 57, after beating the most difficult opponent of his life.

"I have two more chemo session to go, essentially making sure they have killed all the cancer and Lupron follow ups (injections) down the road to insure it doe snot come back, but for all general purposes the fight is over. It's all over, but the shouting and being able to say I am a cancer survivor sounds great to my ears."

A Go Fund Me page was started to help him when he was too sick to work at all, before treatments proved successful raising over $3,000 dollars He and his wife have announced they plan to keep the site up and in an effort to "pay things forward" are going to revise things to post a ;link where contributions may be made to the American cancer Society, as personal funding is no longer needed.

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