Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mean Ole Sween

In the 1980s and 1990s Arizona had its share of "Mean" people.

There was Mean Joe Madrigal, circa 1982 or so.

There was Mean marc Ash who drifted to California for the AOWA from his North Carolina home base, but never did make Arizona as hoped.

There was Mean Ole Sween.

Sween was one of the wrestler hastily trained by despised promoter Barry Bernsten, when the bulk of his wrestlers could take no more form him and left, leaving him with a crew of himself, his son, his wife and some hastily started karate school students.

Mean Ole Sween became an instant Swede, due to his blond hair.

Swede Hanson, he was not..

One would have thought him better, being trained by Arizona mainstays John Ringer and Bronco lazar, but such was not the case. Like many of the Bernsten trainees, he also was fired or quit, depending on which person was to be believed and shortly after, Bernsten threw  in the towel.

Sween spoke with the worst imitation Swedish accent ever as well, sounding like a cross between the Nazis in Hogan's Heroes and the Chef in The Muppets.

He has since left Arizona as well and makes his home in Boise, Idaho.

Opponents included Curly Joe, Skeleton Man, The Bunty Hunter and others from the  last days of the Bernsten promotion.

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