Saturday, April 2, 2016

When Thesz Demolished Graham

It is no secret Dr. Jerry Graham suffered from love of booze and mental illness, yet managed to put out a long career in spite of his flaws.

If anyone might doubt his insanity, this incident proves it.

Graham was a tough enough guy, due to his size, but when he got into it with Lou Thesz before a match at the over something or another to be done in the match when the two met secretly in the back area behind the building that fans never saw, there was clearly trouble brewing.

What was supposed to be a fairly long match did not end that way.

Graham, in a moment of pure madness, reported he was going to 'shoot" on Thesz in the ring.

As the main event came to be, Thesz casually signed autographs, removed his traditional robe and towel and told Graham to go for his best  shot during instructions from the ref.

Thesz then defeated Graham in under a minute.

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