Monday, April 18, 2016

Mascaras In Arizona

While he was a regular in California, Texas and the Mexican border, Mil Mascaras had relatively few showings in Arizona.

Those he did have were later in his career in the 1990s.

A local Indy promoter brought him in to face Sgt. Shultz in 1992 or so, which resulted in a fairly fast victory as Shultz was sick but  went through with the bout.

Shultz has the runs."Whay was I expected to do? Wrestle with shit in my pants?"

Mascaras also appeared on AAA cards at the fairgrounds for a special event during the Az. State Fair,  where he faced KGB out of California.

On the other hand, his appearances across the border in Nogales and San Luis Rio Colorado were many. In Nogales, he frequently teamed with the local hero, Resplandor .

In neighboring California, mascaras was likewise a regular, feuding with The Sheik, Billy Graham, John Tolos and others.

Mascaras was better known to Arizona fans thanks to appearances on Galavision's cable wrestling show in the 1980s.

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